Boating safety

Boating safety is a must. Below are our recommendations:

  1. It is compulsory to wear a safety vest when on the boat.
  2. Boarding takes place when the boat is parallel to the shore. The boat must be tied down during boarding.
  3. When in the boat, each boater must be seated in his/her own seat and must not stand up.
  4. When encountering natural or artificial obstacles (trees, rocks, etc.), take care and try to avoid them. It is not advisable to grab tree branches as this can cause the boat to capsize.
  5. In rapids and rapids, try to keep the boat parallel to the current.
  6. Parents, relatives or caregivers are responsible for their children’s safety.
  7. If you decide to go swimming, do not swim in unfamiliar areas, where there are steep banks, fast currents or openings. Do not swim while intoxicated.